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Coffee Corner – Tasting Coffee – Rajjat Gulati

Most consulting jobs I’m called in for require that I set up the coffee practice – from bean to machine to extraction to training. It wasn’t till my latest assignment that I realised that, more often than not, I act as the final (and sole) determinant of the final product. At best, my customer – …
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Coffee Corner: Cold Brewing by Rajjat Gulati

Over the years – and over the course of running my own cafes – I have gathered a vast array of coffee-making paraphernalia and am spoiled for choice when it comes to making my personal cup of Joe. There is an espresso machine lying around that I stopped bothering with once I realized that espresso …
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Coffee Corner – Inverted Aeropress – Rajjat Gulati

I’ve written about the Aeropress before. I have mentioned that it is my favourite method of brewing coffee. I may or may not have praised it to high heaven as the ultimate coffee maker; I’m not sure. I have outlined the basic method to using the Aeropress but, like I pointed out, that was but …
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Coffee Corner: Japanese Cold Brew by Rajjat Gulati

We have discussed cold brewing in a previous edition of this column. Cold brewing is the lazy coffee enthusiast’s best friend – requiring little to no oversight and giving a substantial reward at the end. However, coffee brewed this way is not without its shortcomings. The cold temperature of the water involved tends to under-extract …

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Coffee Corner: Plume of the Peacock by Rajjat Gulati

It seems ironic that Matt Chittaranjan’s in-laws drink instant coffee. Ironic because Matt and his wife Namrata run Blue Tokai Coffee – a roastery that is part of the vanguard of Third Wave Coffee in India. Matt’s in-laws’ instant-coffee fixation is an interesting segue into the habits of India’s coffee drinkers, though. For anyone associated …

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Coffee Corner: Instant Coffee by Rajjat Gulati

The over-arching thought behind this column is to try and democratize Coffee and make a good cup of Joe accessible to everyone. We started at what, we thought, was the beginning – the cold brew – a method of preparation that requires no specialized equipment. We were mistaken. Our shortcoming lay in the assumption that …

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Coffee Corner: Aeropress by Rajjat Gulati

To say that I couldn’t imagine my life without my Aeropress would be a bit of an overstatement. Of course I can imagine my life without my Aeropress. It’s just that, without my Aeropress, my life would be dull grey and full of suicidal thoughts. My Aeropress makes me happy. It makes me want to …

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