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Tulleeho Grapevine – Turning Point Sangria Launch

On a rainy evening last week in Mumbai, Turning Point Wines launched their new label at Terttulia in Shivaji Park – Turning Point Sangria. Two varieties were launched Nashik Mule, the white Sangria and Metropolitan, the Red Sangria.

My colleague had attended the launch party and was quite impressed with the whole idea of “Sangria in a bottle”. And it was sweet of him to bring 2 bottles for me to taste, as I had not been able to make it for the launch. Awwww I love having colleagues like him around me all the time 🙂

As luck would have it I was visiting my dear friend and Celebrity Chef Rushina M Ghildiyal at her Apb Studio (A Perfect Bite) so, I decided to share the Sangria with her and get her opinion too.

Rushina (left) and Sweta (right) at the APB Studio

We started with the Nashik Mule, the White Sangria. Ashwin Deo, the CEO of Turning Point, indicates that this has Orange and Ginger Ale. Rushina felt the appearance was colourless, although I found it to be a very light yellow. It tasted like drinking a ginger ale but an over tangy version. We were not quite impressed with the taste. Though I love their packaging. The packaging is so nice that I have decided to retain the bottles and reuse it by putting a money plant in it J

At first taste, not being so impressed with the white, we moved on to the Metropolitan, which was the Red Sangria. The aroma it gave off was that of bacon / strong leather, and it put us off immediately. We understand this has cranberry and orange in it, but we found the taste too sour. Of the two, the Nashik Mule was better. Rushina was of the opinion that, when you think of Sangria, you think of fresh cut fruits in the drink, which was lacking here.

The label on the bottle says, “you can drink it straight or pour it in a glass with chopped fruits”. I personally feel with an attractive bottle like this how many people will pour it in a glass with chopped fruits.

With half a bottle left, I carried it back home to make my hubby try it to. It’s always nice to have few willing people around you for your trials J

So, we tasted it again and was I drunk?? No, this time the Sangria’s tasted completed different. The Nashik Mule had a sweet aroma to it and you could get the freshness of Ginger Ale in it though still no signs of Orange. And the Metropolitan tasted of dark berry fruit, which we assume is the Cranberry though again no signs of Orange. Our verdict here was again the Nashik Mule was better.

All trials done, I feel if they are left open for some time, the wine opens up slightly and that could be the reason for the change of aroma and taste. However, it’s yet to be seen how the young crowd takes to it. Turning Point definitely has an advantage of “attractive packaging”.

Next time I am going to try it by adding some Cointreau and Vodka with some fresh cut fruits and leave it overnight. Till then you enjoy your drink!!

Sweta Mohanty