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Booze Basics

If there ever was a spirit replete with history, mystery and intrigue, it must be tequila. Even today, years after it's arrival on bar shelves, tequila is often regarded as a strange Mexican potion containing worms, hallucinogens, et al. And these same wondrous attributes have probably contributed towards establishing tequila as the most `hip' liquor to drink. Almost everyone I meet seems to want to know where they can find a bottle of this happening liquor. Yet most are uncertain about what it really is. There seems to be a strange fascination for drinking something which might have a worm floating in it. Yuck! Does it really??

Let's discover the inside story. Tequila-like spirits have been produced in Mexico from the age of the Aztecs, long before the arrival of its Spanish conquerers in the 16th century. It was in 1795 that Jose Cuervo, under a license from the government, began distilling tequila in the region of Jalisco (which includes the town of Tequila), where there was an ample supply of the Weber blue agave `cactus'. Actually, the agave is not a cactus at all but a sort of succulent, related to the aloe and lily family! Jose Cuervo is still one of the foremost brands of tequila in the world.

Ingredients / How it's made
Tequila can be made only from the `Weber blue agave' grown in a specific, government designated area of Mexico, and must conform to strict government quality controls.
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Silver, Gold, Reposados, Anejos...
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How to Drink it / Good Cocktails
The one drink that is responsible for elevating tequila to such great heights is the Margarita - said to have been named by... 
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