Confessions of a Winemaker – Ajoy Shaw, Sula Vineyards

If I wasn’t making wine, I’d be… :

Experimenting with food in the kitchen

Favourite fruit apart from grapes, I’d like to use to make wine from… :


Favourite perfume / cologne is… :

Rarely use any perfume, but prefer Old Spice musk

ajoy_shawFavourite wine region in the world is…

Rhone valley

As a wine maker my number one asset is my… :

Experience, which improves year after year and gives me many more ideas on how to handle the fruit

I’d like to see my wine drunk by… :

Every Indian

Something a wine maker should never do is… :

Complain about the fruit or the vintage. Use your gut feeling and make the best wine.

My wine making mentor is… :

Kerry Damskey. I have learnt so much working with him for the last 15 years.

Behind every successful wine maker is a…:

A good vineyard

My desert island wine is… :

A wonderful old vintage Port wine coming out of a treasure chest!