We can add in specific team building / fun oriented activities out of the list below, based on your preference.

Cocktail Workshop

  1. Bloody Mary Buffet: Everybody thinks they can fix the perfect Bloody Mary. Let’s see who does it best, the team making the best Bloody Mary will be the winner.
  2. Martini Wars: Shaken or stirred? Classic or flavoured? Sweet or dry? Doesn’t matter! You and your team fix a martini the way you like it, the best martini wins.
  3. Clues to the perfect mix: Guess the right answers to the clues given to you. Based on the answers pick up the ingredients and make a cocktail. The best creation wins.
  4. Different Strokes: Pick a list of ingredients from the mystery box and create 2 different cocktails with the same set of ingredients.
  5. Bar Guru: It’s not just the perfect taste, it’s the time as well. Create / Make 3 cocktails each one different from the other and all you have is 10min, to pick up the ingredients and present your drinks.
  6. Theme for the Day: The cocktail training as well as the competition will be centred around a particular theme, Dessert cocktails, Prohibition Era, Oktoberfest, Tiki Cocktails, etc.
  7. Discerning Drinkers: This workshop will focus on the techniques of mixology (the art of mixing cocktails) as well as the importance of a well balanced cocktail. Serious stuff!

Wine Appreciation

  1. A game at the end of which the participants do a blind tasting of a wine. The correct / the closest answers to guessing the style, grape and aromas of a wine will be the winner.