Tobias Carvalho – Confessions of a Bartender

pic 4Where does he work:  Ellipsis – Colaba , Mumbai

My favourite cocktail (and why): AMALIA – ( This cocktail took me to the national finals of BLCC 2014 and also it has a lot of complicated and rare ingredients which is why it’s a challenge to create it every time. Consistency and quality are the things I look forward to every time I create AMALIA and therefor no ingredient has a substitute to it.)

pic 2What kind of a cocktail program do they have:  Our cocktail program consists of in- house made syrup, fresh juice every day, fresh garnishes every day. Double pour policy in all our cocktails. Also every week all our bartenders present a cocktail talk, (currently mine is Vesper Martini), and this helps in knowing a particular cocktail in deep and helps gain confidence in speaking to a guest.

Craziest thing a customer’s ever done:  I remember a guest once asked me for a whisky soda in a busy bar. I told him that if he doesn’t mention any brand I will serve him the most expensive whisky. He first laughed and then ended up buying a whole bottle of the most expensive Japanese whisky. After that he told me that he bought the bottle only because he liked my unique selling skills.

pic 3Best tip I’ve got: A guest liked my cocktail so much that she started promoting it in the bar to people around and in the end she clicked a “selfie” with the cocktail and me in the picture.

If a customer offers to buy me a drink, I’ll accept it and give the same spirit to the guest as a free shot, but technically it’s the guest’s own alcohol.

My favorite tool is Bar Blade. I hate seeing bartenders using spoons or other bottles to open beer pints. They call it ‘Jugaad’ but I always keep an opener in my wallet also.

pic 5The best cure for a hangover is Bloody Mary… and at Ellipsis we make awesome Bloody Mary’s with almost 15 ingredients in it.

I’d love to have a drink with well if you are talking about ingredients I would say a chilled beer or a nice whiskey on the rocks. But if it’s a person I would say with friends who are not that talkative.

Best drink to order if someone’s on a date is a nice bottle of red wine or champagne. Or just call me and I will create a perfect cocktail for the occasion.

Current Achievements
2nd Place in this year’s Bacardi Legacy Cocktail competition National Finals.
National Finals @ the Corralejo Teqnic Challenge – 2013
National Finalist at World Class – 2014 (Currently on)