Confessions of a Brewer – Amar Srivastava

Amar Srivastava is Brewmaster @ Ministry of Beer in Gurgaon and soon Delhi

If I wasn’t making beer, I’d be … A lawyer (dad’s profession)

Amar Srivastava

Strangest ingredient I’ve added in my brew has been… Spirullina

Favourite beer (in) town is … IPA

People who complain about hoppy beers should be … treated well in the brewery they need someone who can make them understand difference between bitter and hoppy. I had seen people completely converted from drinking pale watery lager to hopbust IPA 🙂

As a brewer my number one asset is my… my team that I got who helps me, supports, backs me up at anytime day or night.

Amar Srivastava

The only thing people take for granted more than beer is… Well I don’t think people take things for granted, only thing matters while they judge it is how drunk they are :p

Something a brewer should never do is … take his beer or his customers for granted.

The beer I love which everyone else hates is …. weizenbock

My desert island beer is ….. an authentic Czech pilsner