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  • Exhaustive coverage of theory; wellStructured; nice beer tasting exercise.

    – Samir Sharma

    Sales, Indospirit, Delhi

  • Interactive session; beer knowledge was imparted in an easy way. I liked the vast array of beer styles selected for the tasting & sampling exercise.

    – Arijit Ghosh

    Sales, White Rhino

  • It is a very informative session on beer styles.

    – Schubert Souza

    Sales, Sula Vineyards, Goa

  • Trainer was good & I enjoyed the beer appreciation exercise.

    – Aditya Kaul

    Student, Delhi

  • Trainer was Knowledgeable; the program has interesting content.

    – Prantik Haldar

    Sr. Bartender, Opedro, Mumbai

  • I liked the course content & the faculty was knowledgeable.

    – Manav Kaur

    American Express, Gurugram

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What is beer star Program?


Tulleeho is pleased to announce the launch of Tulleeho Beer Star, our specialized and certified beer training program, which will equip participants to appear for Cicerone’s Level 1 Exam – the Certified Beer Server.


The Cicerone Certification Program comes from Chicago in the USA and is considered as one of the best-regarded programs globally when it comes to beer knowledge and certification.

Our first program in Delhi is on 24th Sept 2018. John JohnEapen of TaLeS of FrOtH is our knowledge partner and The Beer Cafe is our venue partner. It’s a great program to attend for anyone building a career in beverage service or working in the beer industry


The total duration of the course is 1 & a half day; day one will be dedicated to covering the core topics of the program (mentioned below) & day two is a half day brewery/microbrewery visit where the attendees would get to interact with brewer/head brewer and can witness the brewing process.

Course details

Beer star is a training program which will create a sound foundation on below mentioned topics –

  • Keeping and Serving Beer
  • Beer styles
  • Beer flavour and evaluation
  • Beer ingredients and brewing process
  • Beer and food pairing
  • world beer cultures

Ideal course for

  • Beer company employees
  • Bar staff
  • Educationists
  • Beer lovers/bloggers

Key Features

– Tasting of 6 to 8 styles of beer
– Live demo of draught beer system
– Half day visit to brewery
– Participant hand out
– Raw material samples on hand
– Use of beer flavour kit

About Cicerone*

The Cicerone Certification program from the USA is the beer industry standard for identifying those with significant knowledge and professional skills in beer sales & service. It certifies and educates beer professionals in order to elevate the beer experiences for consumers. To know more about the Cicerone program, visit

*Beer Star is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Cicerone certification program


John Eapen  is a Bangalore based beer evangelist with a popular blog called Tales of Froth and as also a consultant to the micro brewery sector

Certified Beer Server Beer Style Cards

Beer style flashcards include basic information about the beer styles tested on the Certified Beer Server exam. Each card features a brief style history, expected flavor notes, and quantitative values alongside a photo of the proper glassware for the style.Includes index, content page explaining the quantitative measurements of SRM, Perceived Bitterness, and Alcohol by Volume, as well as 39 beer styles profiles from the Certified Beer Server syllabus. These cards do not cover all styles on the Certified Cicerone exam syllabus.

Product description – 4.25″ x 5.5″ full color beer style profile card set. The cards are printed on cardstock with rounded corners and ring binding.

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