Guru Prashanth – Confessions of a Bartender

Where does he work: HIGH Ultra Lounge

My favourite cocktail (and why): Old Fashioned, three simple ingredients will be perfect when stirred passionatelyGuru Prashant

What kind of a cocktail program do you have at your outlet: Multi-sensory cocktail sessions.

Craziest thing a customer’s ever done… Bringing his guest to his birthday party through sky dive.

Best tip I’ve got…Gold Plated Bar shaker having my name engraved upon it
“Guru-The Student”

If a customer offers to buy me a drink    I’ll smile and say “Thank you I enjoy making them for you” who will take care of you if I get drunk.

My favorite tool is …Mixing Galloon and 51cm bar spoon

The best cure for a hangover is

  • Coconut Water
 “Alcohol molecules love H2O, so whatever alcohol you take in will grab water,” an alcohol metabolism expert and research professor of anthropology at Union College. The result: Your whole body—brain included—is sucked dry. So hydrate, low-sugar coconut water, on the other hand, contains just as many electrolytes as Gatorade.


  • Tomato Juice

One virgin Bloody Mary, coming right up! Why? When you pour a steady stream of alcohol into your body, your liver is too busy metabolizing the booze to maintain adequate blood sugar levels, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Because glucose is the primary energy source of the brain, low levels can cause fatigue, weakness. But a glass of tomato juice packs enough simple sugars to get your levels up and running again, and its inflammation-fighting lycopene and serious hydrating factor don’t hurt, either.

  • Walk the Talk
    Walk the Talk

    Red Eye Cocktail” for sure

12 Oz Lager beer
6Oz Tomato Juice
1 egg

  • Big banana (You can choose the size  )
  • Buttermilk
  • Lemon Juice with angostura biters

    Amethyst Mist
    Amethyst Mist

  • Gastric Pill
  • Some mocktails like “Dew Drop”

I’d love to have a drink with …The Maestro Salvatore Calabrese

Best drink to order if someone’s on a date are

Signature @ HIGH

Amethyst Mist: –
Luxuriant peach and jasmine foam on the tongue, with round flavours of vodka and Asian ginger, cascading to a crisp finish of raspberry, cranberry and orange blossom.

Walk the Talk
A perfect combination of smoky blended scotch balanced with rose’ vermouth balanced with lime juice and Kissed by the flavours of vanilla.