Confessions of a Wine Maker – Kelly Healey, Chandon India

If I wasn’t making wine, I’d be

a Chocolatier.

Favourite fruit apart from grapes, I’d like to use to make wine from


Favourite perfume is

whatever my wife is wearing.

Favourite wine region in the world is


As a wine maker my number one asset is my

Olfactory sensory perception.

I’d like to see my wine drunk by ….

people new to wine..

Kelly Healey
Kelly Healey

Something a wine maker should never do is

believe the hype.

My wine making mentor was ….

Charles “Chilly” Hargrave – Group Sparkling Winemaker – Treasury Wine Estates.

Behind every successful wine maker is a

great team of dedicated cellar hands and laboratory technicians

My desert island wine is ….

Krug Grand Cuvee.