Wine Accessories


Foil cutter

Useful to neatly remove the foil from a bottle top. I’ve seen several bottles however recently which make the foil cutter redundant as you can just unpeel the foil.

Swissmar Single Wine Saver - Black

Wine saver

The vacuum wine saver removes the air from opened bottles of wine and prevents the oxidizing effect of air from spoiling the unfinished wine. The bottle can be opened and resealed as often as you like. Useful if you’re into opening bottles of wine and leaving them open particularly if they’re Grand Cru.

single wine chiller

Wine chiller

If you want to quickly chill a bottle of wine or champagne then this is your best bet.


Wine cabinets

For the truly wealthy – these are refrigerated cabinets which could perform the function of either long term storage (basically an expensive cellar) or just a temperature controlled cabinet for the proper storage of ordinary wine.


Bottle Stoppers

If you’ve opened a bottle of wine or champagne and have emulated my example in destroying the cork then this is the best thing around to keep the bottle closed until next use. For those of you who want to go the whole hog – you can use a vacuum device to pump out the air (and prevent oxidation).



They attach on to the top of either your wine or champagne bottle and ensure a smooth flow (without dripping). Some products combine pourers and stoppers.


Champagne bucket

For storing an opened bottle of champagne or for chilling it prior to serving.