Bartending Tips



  • Keep your juices and other mixers chilled. If you have a small fridge then use some other space (the kitchen sink?) as a chilling area.
  • If the cocktails on your list are only spirit based then you can chill them in advance of the occasion.
  • Refrigerate garnishes or keep them on ice.


  • Make sure you have enough ice. If you don’t order in advance of the party.
  • Never use a glass as an ice scoop. Fragments of glass can chip off and end up in someone’s drink. Use ice tongs and keep the ice in an ice bucket. Avoid letting handle ice with their hands also as that may be unhygienic.
  • If you don’t have an ice crusher, put the cubes into a clean cloth and crush them with a spoon or any other blunt instrument you may possess in the kitchen..
  • On an average allow for half a kilo of cubed ice per person per hour. And for parties outside budget for more.


  • To open a champagne bottle, first remove the foil on the top and the wire netting. Then hold your hand over the cork, angle the bottle at about 30 degrees and gently twist the bottle with one hand holding the base. As you slowly turn the bottle, the cork will gently pop out.
  • If you’re making a warm drink, pre-heat the glass under warm water. A fast temperature change can break a glass.


  • Don’t stir or shake a drink containing a carbonated shaker. The cocktail will become flat.
  • When you’re making a high ball, fill the glass with ice first (2/3ds), then the alcohol and then the mixer.
  • When you’re making a cocktail using the shaker, fill it up halfway with ice for a good chill.
  • When you’re making a fruit based drink (for e.g. a banana daiquiri) use fresh fruit.


  • If you’re drinking neat vodka, then chill the glasses in the freezer so that they’re well frosted when you take them over (use clear glasses with a stem, so that your hand doesn’t warm the spirit).
  • Always carry glasses by the stem or the base to avoid marring the drinking area and you will also have more support carrying the glass.
  • Never add ice to a hot glass. The glass can shatter. Also never clink two glasses together.


  • One of the best ways of keeping wine sparkling is to put an upturned silver spoon in the neck of the bottle, and then to chill it (this will hold for upto 12 hrs)


  • Use a plastic sheet under a cloth one to really protect your bar table.


  • Useful Tip By Ravi Purohit: The glasses could be kept in the refrigerator so that the drink stays chilled for a longer time.
  • Useful Tip By Ravi Purohit: Storage – the glasses should be stored mouth up because if they are stored upside down the air which is inside the glass gives the glass a stale smell.