Bar Tools

Cocktail Shaker

A shaker comprises 2 parts. The first is the tumbler in which the liquid is actually mixed and the second is the top. Some shakers come with strainers which are built into the top. Shakers are usually of two types. The first being what is called a Boston shaker which has a glass bowl for visual display of the liquid (and which chills faster) and the second being a classic 3 piece shaker.

Ice Bucket

Avoid serving ice with your hands (not hygienic) or with a glass (may chip)

Peg Measure

For making sure that you’re pouring the required quantities of liquid. Make sure you get a double sided one, with one end for a chota peg (30 ml) and the other for a burra one (60 ml). Stainless steel ones are good. Also available in retro bell shape or the tall slim style.

Cutting Knife

For cutting garnishes.

Cutting Board

For cutting garnishes on. It should be heavy and laminated and at least 8 inches in diameter.

Long Spoon

A Bar spoon is useful for mixing drinks and can also double up as a muddler – something to crush particular ingredients – say mint leaves when you’re making a Mojito.


A strainer is for use when the cocktail shaker doesn’t come with a built in one. Keeps the ice and other pulpy parts of fruit juices out of your drink.

Bottle Opener

I don’t think we need to tell you what a bottle opener is used for.