Tull-ee-ho! : A combination of the old hunting cry Tally Ho! and the colloquial Hindi drinking word "tullee". Also Indian for cheers.
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10, Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder, Nawaz Bldg., Behind Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Colaba
Timings: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
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Gokul Restaurant and Permit Room is the ultimate drinking factory. One of Mumbaiís landmarks, this place is located opposite Bade Mian the kababci whom some hold in higher esteem than the celebrated Tunde. To the Tulleeho team Tunde Kebabi will remain supreme. Even the one vegetarian in the team will swear by the Lord of the Lucknow Chowk. One must explain why: Veggie walked into Tunde with some hard-core carnivores and got sidelined as usual. The chap at the cash counter saw him picking at his parathas, deduced the reason and voila a sabji was prepared especially without anybody asking for it. Would Bade Mian ever do that?

Back to Gokul. The guy who started Gokul was a visionary at par with the late Henry Ford. In his mindís eye he must have seen images of guys milling around after work looking for some cheap place to have a quick one or a long session after work, without any frills or fuss and Gokul was born. If you are looking for a quick cheap binge before catching the 8.32 F to Borivili, this is your place. No decor, no music. Just cheap liquor and an atmosphere to match. There are lots of functional booths that must have been arranged by an assembly line boss. Optimum usage of space, and the waiters are a study in robotic efficiency. There is a mezzanine of sorts, which I suppose has a similar seating plan. There is an AC section where the better heeled and the rare woman go.

No cocktails and no happy hours. You get the stuff in quarts and nips and the prices are approx. 25% above the retail prices outside. There is a snack menu and the Chilli Paneer really scalds. Actually the food here is an aside. The leitmotif of the place is the drink.

The place is a microcosm of Bombay. Theˇ booth next to ours had a couple of Shiv Sena types who were wondering what the next agitation would be about. Across the aisle a few Gujju traders were tanking up before cruising the streets. A bhaiya from Boisar was tucking into chilli chicken while some African students lent an international touch. In the far corner a major session was on judging from the number of empty bottles that were stacked artistically. A good time was being had by all.

Friday nights are supposed to be cruise time for those who're AC/DC.

There are other quirks to this place. The toilet has a basin at each of the corners and you piss in splendid isolation.

Gokul has a cult following of sorts and there are some people who swear by it. The atmosphere is distinctive and you donít face fiscal catastrophe after spending an evening here. Make it a point to check it out if you are in S. Bombay, but avoid taking the better half.

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Guest on 8/14/2005

respected sir,i m working in HOTEL AMBASSADORAURANGABAD i want 2 do bar tender course.please reply.
Guest on 7/13/2005

Gokul is "the bomb". You can't really beat the prices and the seedy ambience. Beer pitchers are actually jugs and if you order enough rounds you see that they have no real standardisation (some round ones some tall thin ones) - but that just adds to the experience! Spirits are dirt cheap too. Food is pretty decent and awesome after you've had all the cheap drinks. Go to Gokul - NOW!
Gajanan on 6/15/2005

If you're in Mumbai, just you can't miss Gokul. Familiarity with Gokul is your best indication of whether you've arrived or not!!!
Guest on 11/12/2001

... for all the guys at the Taj.. its "the shrine". Live your entire day in the fine climes of the Taj and the evening belongs to Gokul...
Guest on 10/30/2000

Gokul was a place i always liked at the other end of town.Those were the good days and it was once called the agency guys bar.going to regal before and after would would'dt have been better than gokul.Now the place has changed now u have all sorts of types out there.but a visit to bade miye makes me pop into gokul.my pup at the other end of town.

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