Tull-ee-ho! : A combination of the old hunting cry Tally Ho! and the colloquial Hindi drinking word "tullee". Also Indian for cheers.
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Reviewed by Nitin Agarwal

55 Park Street H O, Kolkata -16
Timings: 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm & 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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It is situated in Park Street with the other pouplar bars and restraunts of Calcutta. From outside, the wood color doors and the black painted Barbeque with some white blobs gives a mix of Mugal royale and American informal feel. It has got three doors to enter. So, if you are going to Barbeque, the first task is to make sure u enter the right gate !!

One gate leads you to the 'Men only' bar, and other two to Chinese and Indian restaraunt cum Bars. If you are going with a lady, you can't go to the first one.

Ambience: We went to the mens-only bar. The lights are dim, looks little classy in the first glance. It has got two floors.. a small 5 table ground floor and a smaller 3 table first floor. The waiters and bartenders look well dressed and speak good english. The service is amazingly fast.

The Real stuff: It's one of the few bars in Calcutta where you can get tonic. I ordered for Smirnoff and tonic. No fancy beers like Heineken are avilable here. The Best part of Barbeque are the add on snacks. You get a bowl each of peanuts, mixture, amazingly well done marinated ginger shreds, and the Barbeque special.. germinated grams cooked with tomato and Onion.. they taste yummy. Initial refills are quick, after 2 or three refills of snacks you would need to be little more persistent with the waiter. You might also want to order roasted aloos... u don't get these anywhere in the world except here. It's real good value for money. The standard cocktails are also well made. Bloody Mary tasted lil too tomatoey.. but it was okay.

Food: We had a mixed opinion on food. I liked all the dishes, some of my friends were not in agrrement with me. But, definetly the food is not Bad. Recommendation: Good value for money. Absolutely should go. Don't forget to tip the waiter for good service.

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