Tulleeho Bar Academy: Courses

Certificate in Professional Bartending (2 months)


36 Modules, 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday 4pm – 7pm)

Course Outline:-

  • Basics of alcoholic beverages (Introduction, Classification, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Liqueurs & Aperitifs, Other alcoholic beverage, Non-alcoholic beverages)
  • Whisky
  • Beer
  • Wine insight – Old and New World
  • Opening the Bar & Bar Equipment Essence of Mixology. Practical Applications of Mixology
  • Bar Ethics and Alcohol Awareness
  • Licensing Laws, Inventory and FLR Formalities
  • Effective Buying, Costing and Beverage Controls
  • Menu Planning & Marketing the Bar and Cocktails
  • Working Flair

Course Highlights:-

  • Comprehensive mix of theory and practicals, with extensive “hands on” work.
  • Well equipped classroom with functional bar, wide range of bar equipment and glassware.
  • Each student will be equipped with an individual Bar Kit & Flair Bottle.
  • Wide range of alcoholic beverages for tasting and for use in mixology.
  • A well structured and comprehensive curricula will be delivered using power point presentations and a wide range of videos.
  • Qualified and experienced core faculty.
  • Access to a well-stocked library, containing a wide range of books and periodicals.
  • Opportunity for part time work giving real time experience.
  • Placement cell to help you get absorbed into the industry.
  • Each graduating student will be given a certificate of completion.

Weekend Mix Master (2 days)

This is it. Your definitive guide to the world of mixology. And all it takes is 6 hours, spread over 2 days.

What you will cover:-

  • Introduction to beverages
  • Cocktail classification
  • Basics of mixology
  • Vodka : basics & cocktails
  • Tequila : basics & cocktails
  • White Rum : basics & cocktails
  • Gin : basics & cocktails
  • Setting up a Home Bar
  • Bar Tricks, Simple Flair Steps, Free pours & cuts
  • Storage of Alcohol
  • Flavour profiling
  • Whisky : basics & cocktails
  • Beer : basics & cocktails
  • Dark Rum : basics & cocktails
  • Responsible Drinking
  • Along the way, we’ll quiz you, with tests, blind tastings and fun stuff. We’ll end it all with a cocktail competition, where  we put your skills to test. 2 great days of gyan & cocktails.